Automation anywhere interview question and answers

1) What is Automation?

    Automation is a technique that is used to complete the tasks with minimal or no human intervention.

2) What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

    RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, a process that uses robots to automate business operations, in order to reduce human interference.

Robotics: These are the entities which mimic the actions of humans.

Process: It is a step by step procedure which leads to an effective activity-for example, the process of building a house.

Automation: It is defined as a process which is performed by robots without human involvement.

3) What is Automation Anywhere?

    Automation Anywhere is one of the prominent RPA vendors offering authoritative and user-friendly RPA capabilities to automate any complex task. The main motive of RPA is to furnish users secure, scalable, and volatile services.

4) Why we need Automation Anywhere?

  1. No programming knowledge is required.
  2. User friendly.
  3. Eliminates the element of the human error.
  4. Saves time and cost.
  5. Non-intrusive, quick time to value.
  6. Helps you to automate data transfers and import or export data between files or applications.

5) What is the role of Control Room in Automation Anywhere?

    Control room is the central part of the Automation Anywhere architecture which acts as a web-based platform to control automation anywhere.

6) What are the Components of the Web Control Room?

  1. Control Room Settings.
  2. License Management.
  3. Support Site.
  4. User Profile.
  5. Features Panel.

7) Automation anywhere Architecture?

  1. Control Room.
  2. Bot Creator.
  3. Bot Runner.

8) What is BOT?

    The Set of commands used to automate task is called Bot.

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9) How many types of Bots are present in Automation Anywhere?

  1. Task Bots.
  2. Meta Bots.
  3. IQ Bots.

10) What is Task Bots?

    Task bots are bots which automate a rule-based, repetitive task, in areas like document administration, HR, claims management, IT services and more.

    - Best for: Repetitive, rules-based tasks that rely on structured data.

11) What is Meta Bots?

  Meta bots are the automation building blocks. It is designed in such a way that with application updates or changes you need to make minimal edits to the bot.

    - Best for: Complex, scalable processes.

12) What is IQ Bots?

  It is an advanced tool. It can learn on its own and perform a task according to it. IQ Bot offers automation using the highly advanced cognitive technology

    - Best for: unstructured data.

13) What is Attended automation?

  Attended automation is an Collaboration between humans and software bots. As attended automation requires user supervision and user needs to run the bot.

14) What is Unattended automation?

  When tasks that require little or no user judgment are configured to trigger other bots, it is called unattended automation. There is no human intervention is required. Just need to schedule the bot and independently it will works.

15) What is Variable?

  A storage location that is referenced and manipulated by a computer program. Variables can be for known or unknown information.

16) What is Loops?

  A loop is used to repeat code in your program.

17) What is Workbench?

  The Workbench provides all the tools required for building, customizing, and enhancing automated processes using drag-and-drop operations.

18) What is Session Name in Automation Anywhere?

  A session name represents a data stream and by default, the session is “Default”. Session name becomes relevant when there are multiple connections open simultaneously and we cannot have 2 sessions with the same name open simultaneously even across all bots.

19) How to create timestamps for your files using Automation Anywhere system variables?

  Using the below system variables:

  1. Year
  2. Month
  3. Day
  4. Hour
  5. Minute
  6. Second
  7. Date

20) Can we use Automation Anywhere for testing the Agile Method?

  Yes, we can use Automation Anywhere for agile testing method same as that of continuous integration.

21) What is Auto Login?

  Auto Login automatically unlocks and log into a computer while running an automated task means auto-login option allows you to run tasks on computers that are unattended.

22) How we can log the data into logger files using AA?

  Using Log To File command we can log the data into a file and we can specify the file path.

23) What is the right way to assign values to a previously defined variable in Automation Anywhere?

  Prompt for Value.

24) What is the accurate statement about Object Cloning command in Automation Anywhere?

  It is capable of capturing web as well as window objects and controls such as text from drop down menus.

25) If there any dynamic change in window title, what needs to be done in Automation Anywhere?

  Use the wild card * character while capturing.

26) Where can 'Bot status' and 'Top Failure Reasons' be accessed?

  Bots Dashboard.

27) What is the task bot file extension for AA?


28) What is the Meta bot file extension for AA?


29) What is the workflow file extension in AA?


30) What is the AA report Designer file extension?


31) Which Excel subcommand can be use to read the content of the specified cell on the active spreadsheet?

  Get Cells.

32) When retrieving values from multiple cells, which system variable will you use to loop through each row in the CSV?

  $Filedata Column$

33) What kind of Scripts Automation Anywhere supports?

  1. VBScript.
  2. Javascript.

34) What type of recorder is best suitable for Capture Mouse Click, Keystroke Operations?

  Screen Recorder is best suitable for Capture Mouse Click, Keystroke Operations.

35) how to assign a new set of permissions to a group of users in Automation Anywhere?

  Using Active directory command, we can create a group and modify the permissions.

36) What is PGP?

  PGP means Pretty Good Privacy. It is used to encrypt and decrypt the file. (ie.File can be zipped using this command in Automation Anywhere)

37) How to find if the window is opened in your system?

  Using the If window exist command.

38) Citrix automation is a challenge or not? If it so why and how to overcome?

  There are two types of citrix available. Thick and Thin. To overcome the challenge, AA to be installed inside citrix for better performance. Then only all functionalities like object cloning, web recoding, windows actions etc. we can use. All applications which required for automation should be inside citrix for better performance.

39) Is it possible to read PDF through Automation Anywhere?

  Yes, it is possible.

40) Which team is responsible for mapping solutions with process flow?

  Business Excellence Team.

41) While working in Error Handling, if we needs to add an additional line error data to an existing log file. Which option should he use?

  "Append into Log file" under "Log Data into File".

42) Mention the minimum system requirements for Automation Anywhere?

  Windows 7 and also applicable for latest versions. Suitable for 1024*768 or high inch screen monitors. 4GB RAM or above.

43) What are the Loop actions are available in Automation anywhere?

  1. Start Loop
  2. End Loop
  3. Exit Loop
  4. Continue

44) What is String operation in Automation Anywhere?

  string operation helps to manipulate the text strings (ie. Text split, join, find, search, length, uppercase and more).

45) To compare, find, split and join strings which feature in Automation Anywhere can be used?

  String operation.

46) How we can deploy a task in AA Control Room?

  In AAE Client click on MANAGE->REPOSITORY.

47) Is it is possible to achieve 100% automation?

  Yes, but it is an extremely complex task to perform. Generally achieving 100% automation is not a target in any of the automation process. Operations which aims at the same are not considered in any of the automation processes.

48) What are the two variables associated with loop commands 'Each Row in a CSV/TEXT File' and 'Each Row in an Excel Dataset'?

  1. $Filedata Column$
  2. $Excel Column$

49) A password protected spreadsheet can be opened using open spreadsheet feature of AA. State True or False?


50) How to Run Excel macro from Automation anywhere ?

  Excel -> Run Excel Macro-- > Macro name.

51) What is object cloning in automation anywhere?

  use the Object Cloning command to recognized objects and a variety of their properties, including Name, Type, Path, and Value.

52) How we can pause any Task in Automation Anywhere?

  Task --> Pause

53) Which command will be used to automatically launch a file or program in Automation Anywhere?

  Open Program/File Command.

54) Which option is used to divide one PDF document into multiple PDF files in Automation Anywhere?

  Split Document.

55) what is the use and meaning of wildcards?

  no need to provide entire window title or text. End of *will help to identification.

56) While working on a WebCR, the Dashboard Component displays the number of registered clients. What does this indicate?

  Total number of BotCreators and BotRunners.

57) In AA, which option is used to read the entire cell value from Excel?

  Get all cells.

58) What dashboard displays graphical information like 'Device pools by FTE' and 'Device pools by backlog??


59) PDF Integration- Extract Text command allows output in what two different text-types?

  1. Plain
  2. Structured

60) Metabot screen shots can be captured using which two commands in Automation Anywhere?

  1. Add Screen
  2. Record Screens

61) What are the different play modes available under the Object Cloning command?

  Object, Coordinates and Image.

62) What is the purpose of a user variable?

  Holding a single value to multiple values.

63) Can we maximize / Resize any window in Automation Anywhere?

  Yes, Using the Window actions Command.

64) An administrator captures the value of $Error Line Number$ variable in a log file and finds that the value of $Error Line Number$ variable is 4 What does this mean?

  There is an error on line number 4 of the script.

65) In which console of the Control Room you can view the status of tasks that have been played successfully or have error-ed out during play time?

  Operation Room.

66) Which of the following web browsers is 100 percent supported by recorders in Automation Anywhere?

  Internet explorer.

67) What is a Clipboard and its functionality in Automation Anywhere?

  A Clipboard is a special variable which stores the value of system clipboard (Ctrl+c). We can utilize clipboard subcommands like Clear Clipboard, Assign to Clipboard, and Assign from Clipboard to variable clipboard value.

68) Before using email command What are the details needs to be provided?

  Email setting :- Host, Port no, User ID, password.

69) Short cut to access variable from anywhere in Automation Anywhere?


70) What dashboard provides information on CPU, Memory and HDD Utilization in percentage?


71) If at all the Credential information needs to be stored in a centralized location, then what are all the options available Automation Anywhere?

  Automation Anywhere Credential Manager.

72) What are the subcommands available in Terminal Emulator?

  1. Connect/Disconnect
  2. Send Text/ Get Text
  3. Set Field/ Get Field
  4. Get all fields
  5. Wait
  6. Control

73) What is the FTP- Change Folder command do?

  Set the upload target to a different folder on an FTP server.

74) A Control Room administrator is advised imminent, unplanned, essential maintenance will temporarily interrupt running activities. How can automations sent to a Workload Queue be interrupted in a controlled manner and started again after the work is complete?

  Pause and resume the automations using Workload > Queues.

75) A task has been modified in local client. Which of the client's features can be used to compare this task with the one uploaded on WebCR?

  Manage -> Repository.

76) Please describe about System Variables $CurrentDirectory$, $FolderName$ and $FileName$?

  We need to use within the Loop for Folders in a folder or Loop for Files in a folder.

77) Which of the options are available in Automation Anywhere to activate sheet in excel?

  Sheet By Index, Sheet By Name.

78) which command is used to connect mainframe application through AA?

  Terminal Emulator is used to interact with mainframe applications.

79) Types of Error Handling Options in Automation Anywhere?

  1. Err Number
  2. Err Description
  3. Take Snapshot
  4. Run Task
  5. Log Data Into File
  6. Send Email
  7. Variable Assignment

80) How we can check whether the particular file available in Folder?

  Using IF File Exists condition.

81) IQ Bot is suitable for?

  Unstructured data.

82) How to select End of the Excel Row in Automation Anywhere?

  Excel -> Go to Cell -> End of the Row.

83) Which String operation sub-commands is used to get number of characters in a given source string?


84) You need to assign a value to an existing variable that has been previously defined. What will you choose?

  Variable Operation command.

85) Is it coding required for RPA?

  RPA does not need programming skills but good analytical skills. People with any subject expertise can be trained to automate RPA processes quikcly using the tool. RPA avoids complexity and risk. The application robots access to end users systems is via a controlled user interface, hence reducing the necessity of underlying systems programming.

86) How to get Total number of records count in excel?

  Excel --> Goto Cells --> Choose End of the Column variable, then use excel cell row variable.

87) While debugging, which function key allows you to step over a breakpoint in Automation Anywhere?


88) Which command is used to connect Mainframe Applications through Automation Anywhere?

  Terminal emulator is used to interact with Mainframe applications.

89) How can we read CSV Files through Automation Anywhere?

  use Read CSV/Text File command to read a CSV. CSV files can be separate / read with delimiters like comma, Semi colon or pipe symbols.

90) PGP is the command used for encryption and decryption of files using ______________________.

  Passphrase, Public and Private keys.

91) Which variable is used to read data from the 1st column of a CSV file in Automation Anywhere?

  $Filedata Column(1)$

92) How can a command be added from command library to the Task Actions List in workbench ?

  Drag & Drop the command.

93) Which command needs to be used to extract the Database records in Automation Anywhere?

  Database -- > SQL Query

94) How will you connect or read two or more different excel files in a same Automation Anywhere Tasks?

  We need to differentiate them by providing the unique/different session names.

95) Where can a user set the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) details to be used for Email Automation Tasks?

  In AAE Client, under Tools -> Options -> Email Settings.

96) What is window services in Automation anywhere?

  It helps to stop the running applications. Using Win + R key, we can start window services.

97) How to setup Auto login in Automation anywhere?

  From the Enterprise client, select Tools > Options > Login Settings - Enter the Windows Login Credentials for the user who auto logged in.

98) How to Configure email settings in Automation anywhere?

  Navigate to Tools > Options. Click Email Settings and update Host, Port, User name & Password.

99) Is it possibe to Hide the Run time window to stop display while task runs?

  Yes, it's possible. From the Enterprise client, select Tools -> Options -> View. Customize the the run-time window display as Hide Run Time Window.

100) What is Smart recorder in Automation anywhere?

  Smart recorder is best to captures common UI objects used in both Windows-based and web-based applications.

101) What is Screen recorder in Automation anywhere?

  For windows-based applications. Screen recorder helps to Record tasks that run on the same machine where the task is created by recording mouse clicks and keyboard operations. Screen recorder might be referred to as standard recorder in some legacy topics.

102) What is Web recorder in Automation anywhere?

  Web Recorder only works with web-based applications (Internet Explorer). Automate web applications with other browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge using Workbench.

103) What are the options available for Extracting Data from Websites?

  1. Regular data: For Unstructured data that has no repetitive patterns. An example is a paragraph of text.
  2. Pattern-based data: Structured data that repeats a pattern, such as a row in a table or a list.
  3. Table data: Data that resides in a table.

104) How to pause a task from running at any time?

  To pause the task, press the Pause option in the Run Time Window.

105) While running the task, how to stopping a task manually?

  To stop a task manually, click the Pause or Stop button on the progress window, or press the Escape (ESC) key on the keyboard for 2-3 seconds.

106) which function key allows you to insert a breakpoint in Automation anywhere task?


107) What are the file types supported in Bot dependencies in Automation anywhere?

  atmx, bmp, csv, doc, docx, exe, jpg, pdf, pkx, png, mdb, txt, xls, xlsx, and xml.

108) Types of User defined variables in Automation anywhere?

  1. Value: Hold a single data point and use it in multiple places. This "placeholder" value can represent either text or numeric data.
  2. List: Retrieve multiple values, one by one. It is basically one dimensional placeholder for data.
  3. Array: It is a two-dimensional variable that holds multiple values in a table of rows and columns.
  4. Random: You can create two types of random variables: string and numerical. Random variables are useful when you need to generate a random, repetitive string or numerical set. The values are generated when you run the TaskBot / MetaBot Logic.

109) Possible reasons and solutions for Object cloning related issues in Automation anywhere?

Please find the below reasons and solutions for Object cloning related issues.

  1. System settings -> Scale and layout = 100% Recommended.
  2. Display Resolution = 1366 * 768.
  3. Please validate, whether the same browser is installed in Bot Runner / Bot Developer machine.
  4. Web Browser -> Zoom = 100%.
  5. Reinstall Web Browser & Plugin.
  6. It could be the RAM issue, try to increase your RAM = 8GB.

110) What is IMAP & POP3 server in Automation anywhere?

  IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) is one of the most common protocols for receiving email. IMAP syncs messages across all devices.

  POP3 (Post Office Protocol) is another protocol for receiving email on a single device. Using POP3 means that your email will be accessible offline and deleted from the server.

Automation anywhere interview question and answers

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